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Established in 2018 the Elephant Boy brand was created. Not just a brand, it’s a statement.

“Only the brave can survive the stampede”

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Lee created Elephant Boy Garment Printing & The Happy Elephant children’s custom clothing & personalisation to bring a freshness to how people wear their clothing. Lee Simmons, the owner and creator of the brand has always been passionate of all things fashion and had a penchant to stand out from the crowd. What better way to do that than by making himself the original self-proclaimed “T-shirt Trapper” and bringing all of his dreams of creating his own bespoke printing business and brand Elephant Boy London to life !!

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Our production is IN-HOUSE we do not need to have long lead times. Our usual fulfilment time is 10 days, but we can run things faster.

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All of our processes are IN HOUSE which means we maintain absolute control over production and the finished products.

Quality Over Quantity

Starting off with HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) printing he would often work late into the night mastering his craft. Sublimation came next working on things such as phone cases, socks, mugs, pillows and coasters to name but a few items. Then finally he completed his collection by learning the challenge of using an embroidery machine. So they are the main services he provides.

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