12″ Custom Dj Slipmat



Full Colour Custom Printed Turntable Slipmats 12″.

These are considered the go to slipmats for printers and turntablists, A hybrid slipmat with a unique glazed bottom surface.
These slipmats are compressed with enough thickness and density to accommodate the speed and accuracy of a Scratch DJ, without having the needle bounce when touching the vinyl. The Mix/Club DJ’s using our hybrid glazed slipmats would get the absorbent feel and gain the speed along with the accuracy of a Scratch DJ.
These slipmats also work perfect for any vinyl/collector home turntablist.

Use any image you like, fully personalised DJ slipmats!

  • Professional Grade Blank Slipmats for12″ Turntables
  • Weight: 16oz Felt
  • Bottom Surface: Glazed
  • Thickness: .09″ (3/32″)

I would need to be supplied with an image 30 x 30 cm ad around 300DPI for the best quality print, Ideally a circular design. This listing is just for one Slipmat.

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